Farewell Paper

Smarter care. Cortex replaces the out-dated paper patient lists that record and track tasks with a modern powerful iPad and iPhone app that brings the entire patient journey to your fingertips.

Time is valuable

Care for patients, not paperwork. After years of training, junior clinicians spend most of their day on administrative tasks, wasting learning opportunities and health system money. Cortex frees up clinicans to do what they do best - care for their patients.


Fully Customisable

Built for your specific needs. Cortex lets you create your own list of unique departmental tasks and its powerful real-time sync engine ensures everyone is always up-to-date. You see the right informaton about the right patients at the right time.

Connect your Team

Teamwork is paramount. Communication and patient task visibility is at the heart of Cortex. Your entire clinical team is always on the same page even if they’re scattered around the hospital.


Hello Data

Lots of data. Cortex records the time stamps of every user interaction with the platform, enabling identification of delays in patient care and inefficiencies in work flow.


Works well with others. Cortex integrates seamlessly and securely with your existing systems using standard two-way HL7 messaging. All patient data in Cortex is fully secure using industry standard high level encryption.