Cortex is your toolbox for clinical workflow

Do away with scribbled paper patient lists

Coordinate your team with tasks, documentation, and communication instantly synced to all team members in real-time.

Comprehensive Patient Management

Cortex integrates with your hospital Patient Administration System to provide admission, transfer, discharge and demographic information.

Subscribe to patient lists based on how you work

Subscribe to location-based or team-based patient lists. Cortex manages these automatically, ensuring your lists are always accurate.

Join Consult Teams

Follow a shared group of patients under different specialist care teams, such as Infectious Diseases or Pain Management Service.

Watch specific patients

Track specific patients to become part of their circle of care.

Patient Updates

Get up to speed quickly on your patient's status from the patient timeline.

Living documents

Clinical summaries and care plans are pinned for easy access enabling a quick overview of a patient's status.

Notes, Jobs & Orders at your fingertips

Review clinical documents from doctors, nurses and allied health clinicians. Review task status, and check that orders have been created and sent, all from the Cortex timeline.

Information pushed to the right person at the right time

Cortex can integrate with your diagnostic results feed and push notifications to relevant clinicians on important or abnormal results. Clinicians can also subscribe to be notified of specific events in the patient journey such as completed ward round notes.

Alert other clinicians to actions

@mention other clinicians by name to notify them and draw attention to actions or results.

Circle of Care

Cortex provides instant access to all clinicians involved in a patient's care. The entire care team has visibility of clinicians' names, disciplines, clinical roles and availability.

Team Task Management

Empower your team with tools to manage and delegate tasks collectively - visibility of task status, ownership, and task discussions synced in real-time across the entire team.

Clinical Documentation

Eradicate paper, and transform your workflows! Empower your team to design their own rich documentation and workflows.

Team Communication

More than just "WhatsApp For Health" - conversations attached to patients, tasks, or documentation provide the full context needed to make decisions.

Emergency Calls

Do away with obsolete paging systems. Modernise your MET and Code call management system with a smartphone and web-based solution integrated into the Cortex care coordination platform.

Proven Effectiveness

Cortex enables dramatic improvements when deployed across the multi-disciplinary team.

Length of Stay
Bed Nights

What our customers have to say

Cortex is one of the only pieces of IT introduced into the hospital in the last 5 years that has clearly made my life easier.

Chris Wakeman

Surgeon, Canterbury District Health Board

Cortex has fundamentally changed our department for the better. We’re working smarter, quicker and more safely.

Saxon Connor

Surgeon, Canterbury District Health Board

If I took Cortex away today, my staff would be in tears!

Dave Nicholl

Service Manager General Medicine, Christchurch Hospital