Cortex is a clinician-designed iOS app and data platform, supporting care teams to seamlessly manage clinical tasks, investigations and documentation, as well as capture valuable patient journey information


As a real-time point of care platform, it enables the clinical care team to collaborate and communicate ensuring the patient journey is visible to the entire care team.

Cortex also captures invaluable data related to inefficiencies and waste in current care workflows enabling organisations to identify opportunities to increase the quality of care provided to patients.

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See a unified timeline of clinical tasks, bedside notes and test results.

Cortex replaces the out-dated paper patient lists that record and track tasks with a modern powerful iPad and iPhone app that brings the entire patient journey to your fingertips.

Cortex lets you create your own list of unique departmental tasks and its powerful real-time sync engine ensures everyone is always up-to-date. You see the right information about the right patients at the right time.

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Connecting your team

Communication and patient task visibility is at the heart of Cortex. Your entire clinical team is always on the same page even if they’re scattered around the hospital.

All of a patient's care team is identifiable in the patients Circle of Care where tasks can be quickly and efficiently delegated to the right person on the team.

Cortex is one of the only pieces of IT introduced into the hospital in the last 5 years that has clearly made my life easier.
— Chris Wakeman, Surgeon, Canterbury District Health Board


Digital forms and orders replace your paper-based workflow

Forms in Cortex are able to replace any existing paper based workflow. Secure and seamless HL7 integrations with other hospital data engines allow Cortex to be the primary point of care mobile platform for the entire care team.


Communication improving care

Clinicians spend large parts of their day on administrative tasks, wasting learning opportunities and health system money. In Cortex tasks are visible to the whole team and allow contextual comments and discussions among the care team members.

Removing the barriers of dependencies on pager networks or non-urgent phone calls allows Cortex to free up clinicians to do what they do best—care for their patients.


Proven effectiveness.

Cortex enables significant improvements in both clinical and operational effectiveness when deployed over the multi-disciplinary team.

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Cortex has fundamentally changed our department for the better. We’re working smarter, quicker and more safely.
— Saxon Connor, Surgeon, Canterbury District Health Board

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