Cortex Clinical Documentation

Eradicate paper, and transform your workflows!

Empower your team to design their own rich documentation and workflows.

Design your forms

Cortex Designer is our companion iOS application for designing forms in Cortex.

WYSIWYG Drag and Drop

Build forms using a drag & drop, what you see is what you get interface.

Wide variety of input types

Cortex Designer allows for a wide variety of input types including:
  • Text fields
  • Popup menus
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio groups
  • Date and Time
  • Signature capture
  • Paper document scanner

Versioning and Governance

Cortex Designer allows for fast iteration of forms, and supports versioning and an approval and publishing governance workflow.

Define your workflows

Once your form has been designed, it needs to be associated with a workflow. Cortex has four workflows types a form can be associated with:

Clinical Summaries

These are pinned to the top of the Cortex timeline as a living document, continually updated, and snapshotted through the patient's admission.

Care Plans

These are also pinned to the top of the Cortex timeline.


Regular clinical notes which appear chronologically in the Cortex timeline.


Requests for services such as labs, radiology, or internal referrals.

Create Documents


Don't have time to complete all the required parts of a document? You can save a draft, which clearly identifies the document as a work in progess to other clinicians.


Once you've completed a document, it can be signed, and inserted into the Cortex timeline.


Made an error? You can addend signed documents, any changes from the original are clearly indicated for other clinicians to review.


Send your document where it needs to go.


Securely print to any IPP base print queue.


Email your document as an attached PDF.

External Systems

Cortex supports delivery of documents to external system. This could be a Clinical Document Repository, another EHR, or similar system.