What makes us different


We're a team of clinicians and technologists passionate about making a measurable difference in healthcare.

Our goal is to fundamentally change how healthcare professionals access, create and communicate clinical information to provide the best care to their patients.

We start by fully understanding the problems to solve and then build, deploy and support clinician-centric solutions across the sector. Our domain expertise lets us create and deploy the highest quality modern applications, with the experience and expertise to support repeatable business process change across an organisation.

We’re here to help

Working in co-design partnership within hospitals for over ten years has resulted in a New Zealand-created, internationally scalable platform.

We understand the challenges of deploying technology within the healthcare sector, and have developed a proven approach to the design and deployment of software. Ensuring the most impact - and, importantly, the least disruption, during an organisation's digital transformation.

Sense Medical are honestly the best vendor I have worked with.

Catherine Griffiths Project Manager - Regional & Local Digital Health Initiatives, Hawkes Bay DHB