Cortex Team Task Management

Do away with scribbled paper task lists

Get your team on the same page with tasks instantly synced to all team members in real-time.

Define your common jobs

Cortex is fully configurable for your organisation, start by defining common jobs your teams perform.

Group jobs into categories

Categorise jobs for easy discovery by users.

Specify department relevant to job

Specify which departments your jobs are relevant to, so users only create jobs relevant to them.

Create jobs

Create your jobs against a patient. The job will be visible to all team members in the Cortex patient timeline, providing full patient context for the job.

Attach comment

You can optionally add a comment to the job, providing more context for the person performing the job.


You can optionally delegate the job to another user at the time of creation. You are still responsible for the job until the delegatee accepts the job.

Manage jobs

Cortex provides full visibility of all jobs to all team members for each team you follow.

Delegate your jobs

Delegate jobs you create to other users, a group of users, or a shift role. Your delegee will be notified and can accept ownership of the job, or decline, meaning responsibility of the job remains with you.

Pickup jobs

All team members have visibility of all patient jobs outstanding in their team, meaning others can easily pickup jobs from other users who currently have heavy workloads.


Team members can add comments against a job to gain clarification or input from other users. Mentioning another team member will notify them, and direct them right to the discussion around the job.